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Local Route 2 - Ombria Solana Valley Walk (Valley of Sun and Shade)

This delightful 8 km walk descends to Abdet via the tracks and paths of the Ombria/Solana Valley.

For this version of the walk you will need to get a lift back to the start to collect your car (or enjoy the 275 metres of ascent back to your car on a bike).

The best starting point is at the Forest track 2.5km from Confrides (heading towards Alcoy). The track is identified by the large red Serella - Aitana forestry sign. If you reach the shop or the top of the pass you have gone too far. Park at the start of the track and follow this up a short climb to the walks high point at a three way split in the track. We follow the middle track (straight on). Soon the steep South facing wooden hillside (La Solana) comes into view, almost it's entire length is guarded by spectacular cliffs and pinnacles. You will also notice an amazing arch which aligns with a pinnacle as you start the initial gradual descent.

On the opposite side on the valley (Ombria), a track also runs down towards Abdet, passing a small Casita, we meet this path later on in the walk. Keep on the main track (a junction on the left rejoins a short way on).

After approx 2.5 km you will come to "The Artists House". Often empty but you may be able to peep through the door to view works in progress. You may also be befriended the feline resident of the house.

The track drops more steeply now and soon you come to a junction. Ignore the signposted track to the left and continue dropping past a couple of small houses (and usually an assortment of white vans). You will pass a fig plantation as the track starts to narrow and becomes a path. A Track leads of to another plantation on the right, ignore this and carry on the narrow path to the river bed. You may get wet feet here! This section can also get overgrown although it is cleared at least once a year from the encroaching brambles.You cross the stream a couple of times before it climbs up onto the other side of the valley.

Turning a corner you pass the pristine Campo and olive groves near Corral Hondo. A year round flow of water tops up a small reservoir at the side of the track.

A fews turns of the track and you emerge at the minor road joining Abdet and Confrides. All that remains is to enjoy the views of the Bernia ridge and Guadalest in the distance as you weave down to Abdet passing some unlikely looking conglomerate cliffs.

When you reach the "vintage truck" you can take a short cut. Facing the truck take the rough track heading down the slope to your left. Pass a cage under a tree (usually has a dog inside). Keep following the narrow path over a couple of bumps until you can step down onto the road at the edge of the village.

If you left your car at the start, don't forget to go and collect it!

Ombria panorama

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