Hiking Holidays in Spain



Bernia viewed from Abdet

Sunrise and Bernia ridge from Abdet


Fort aerial shot

Fort arch

Ruined fort

Fort and view towards Puig Campana

Approach to ridge and summit

View East from Summit

Cloud formations on North side of Bernia

View to Puig Campana and Sanchet

Lower section of approach to ridge

Casa FAbian

Cultivated terraces near Casas Bernia


View from Casa Fabian

Almond tree

Minature Daffodils

Bee Ordhid

Cliffs on North side of Bernia

Forat North side

Forat South side

On the ridge above the clouds

View from Forat south side

Approaching boulder field

Boulder field

Evening light on the Bernia walk

New Years eve sunset

Late afternoom from Bernia Summit

Sunset from Bernia - New Years Eve