Walking on the Costa Blanca, Spain


Serella Castle Walks

Serella panorama

The large fin of Serella Castle from the CV70 in winter

Serella Castle ridge

Serella castle winter

A closer view of the Serella Castle fin

Exploring the castle ruins

Walker on Serella Castle at dusk

Exploring the castle ruins

Sierra Aixorta from near the castle

Sierra Helada from Serella Castle

Swallowtail butterfly

Ancient Era or Threshing circle

Cyprus Crocus

Malla de Llop

Malla de Llop with Cyprus Crocus in October

Returning along the ridge of the Serella Castle Loop

Serella Ridges at sunset from Conrides Castle

The track near the far end of the Serella Castle Loop

The view from the far end of the Serella Castle loop

Unusual rock strata on the Serella Castle loop

Warning signs on the approach road