French and English ftw!

French and English ftw!



  French and English ftw!

It is widely known that English is a language of major importance in the world. We don’t stop to think of facts, but if we did, we would see that parents have their kids start learning the language from a very early age, almost automatically. It is a mandatory knowledge, learning English is like attending school. In fact, when I attended junior school, there wouldn’t be anyone who didn’t study English at an afterschool program or at an institute of languages. Today, I am still friends with many of those people, and guess what? Many of them use the English language at their jobs. One of my friends, for example, studies psychology. She got a job at the human resources department of a multinational company, where she conducts job interviews in English for Canada and the United States. How impressive is that?

Many people in UK are doing well, because they took English Classes in London. Taking lessons where the language is natively spoken gives you a whole different insight to the language and allows you to better grasp it, turning you into a natural. Imagine you finish your lesson and immediately start practicing, just by walking out of the classroom’s door. You hear people talk, read signs, talk to other people, however little the chat may be. You go to the grocery store and read the product names, learning what everything just by seeing each item. Afterwards, you get back home, turn on the TV and get to see your favorite show in the language you are learning.

What few people know is that French is almost as important as English. Spoken by 200 million people in 43 countries of five continents, understanding and speaking French allows you to communicate in those countries where English is not spoken. Did you know that in France, speaking French is practically mandatory? Locals really appreciate your efforts for understanding their language and culture, and expect that it be that way. In other words, they won’t bother speaking English if that is the only language you speak. Therefore, French lessons in London will really enhance your travel experience in France.

You don’t have to worry; you can now learn French very easily. Nearly 45% of English vocabulary comes from French, so it shouldn’t be that hard. Besides, qualified native French-speaking teachers will help you achieve a better pronunciation while providing you with a better view of the cultural backgrounds apart from the language itself.

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