General Information

Arrival and Departure

Standard arrival time is 5pm, although on many occaisions the house is available before then.

Please vacate houses by 10am, unless otherwise agreed. You are of course able to leave bags, luggage in the house until you leave, should you have a late departure time.


Abdet is very easy to find, just off the main CV70 La Nucia to Alcoy road. See the FAQ's page on our web site for detailed directions from the main airports

Parking - Drive into the village, the houses are on your left where the road narrows, look for the numbers above the doors. You can park to unpack in front of the garage just beyond the houses, and 24 hour parking is just 50 metres further on.

Bins and Recycling - The best option is to put your rubbish in the large green bins at the far end of the village - there are also recycling bins for cardboard and glass, so please use these. You can also recycle tetra bricks (juice and milk cartons), tin cans and a aluminium cans. Please rinse these out and deposit in the recycling bins at Benimantell (near Guadalest)

Water - The village sits next to a fantastic spring, so water is plentiful. However try not to waste water. Hot water is heated by gas and is plentiful. Please help us by using plenty of hot water if you wash up. Olive oil, etc is great for blocking sinks!

Electrics and lights - Please avoid wasting energy and avoid leaving lights on. Very occasionally the power can cut of. This can be caused by kettles, irons, microwaves, etc. If this happens turn of the appliances and reset the trip switches next to the front doors. The one in number 19 has a small master switch on the main panel. In number 21 there are also trip switches on the 1st and 2nd floor

Bedding and Towels-
We have extra bedding should you require it. Please ask your contact for the week. When you leave just strip the beds  leaving the mattress protector on the bed  and leave the bedding next to the washing machine. We can provide extra towels, but please wash these as you go along! Sometimes we have had people who have used one towel per day per person, which then makes drying and washing a huge task for us!

Fires - Both houses have wood pellet stoves. These need cleaning out every 2 days or so with the vacuum cleaners with the large black filter cans attached. If you don’t clean them they will burn with a yellow flame, the glass will go black and there will not be much heat given out. Remove the heavy metal "brazier" or “burning cup” in which the pellets burn , and the metal back plate. Hoover/vacuum or brush out all dust from beneath the brazier and behind the plate and then replace these. In particular the brazier has to be seated down exactly or the stove will not light. Sometime pellets jam and don’t feed through. If pellets are not feeding into the brazier push your hand into the pellets to see if this loosens them. Whilst cleaning hold down the "off" button for 5 seconds, this will get the stove to draw air up the chimney reducing dust whilst you are cleaning.
If you get any kind of "error" message hold down the off button for 5 seconds after checking the brazier is seated properly.

Gas fires - These are useful for warming up bedrooms during the winter months,   but they need to be in a well ventilated room. However please use the pellet fires as the gas does create condensation and wood pellets are far more friendly to the environment. PLEASE DO NOT RUN GAS FIRES ALL NIGHT IN BEDROOMS  as this could be dangerous!
Gas Bottles - Both houses use gas to heat water, and the bottles are under the water heater (outside in number 21). The picture shows  the gas switch on the top of the bottle in the  "on" position. There are spare bottles in the houses and should you run out here is how to do it.
1) Flip the switch on the top of to bottle to the off position. 
2) Using both hands push down with the palm of your had on the  top of the adaptor whilst pulling the black ring UP. The adaptor will easily lift off.
3) Push the adaptor down onto the new bottle whilst  pulling up the black ring with your fingers. Once the adaptor is pushed down as far as it will go the connection is sealed by pushing the black ring  back down. It will click into place.  

Washing Machines - These are provided in both houses. For best results use an anti calc tablet  (provided)  with each wash. The water is very hard. Note the doors have to be pushed very firmly shut.

General - windows -
be careful not to leave these open if it is windy, in number 21 the top front bedroom is likely to be taken over by swallows if you leave the windows wide open!
In Number 21 when you are not in the house please do NOT leave the back doors open as cats can get into the house.

Bread - Deliveries about 11 am every day.   Go down to the square to buy your rations, about 80 centimos per "barra". You will also get other goodies from the  bread van. We also recommend the Empanadas (pasties) from the bakery on the main road in Benimantel - either guisantes (peas) or atun y pimienton (tuna and pepper).

Restaurants - Bar Mari (Restaraunt Pico) at the bottom of the village has great views over the valley from the balcony and will provide meals on demand at most times, just ask at the bar, it is closed on wednesdays. Elsewhere there is a restaurant in Confrides (Casa Emilios) and good restaurants in Benimantell, but be sure to ask for the price before you order or you may be charged “tourist rates”. Or for cheaper options there is a great Chinese restaurant called China Garden in a new building just on one of the roundabouts between La Nucia and Benidorm (about 30 minutes drive). You can get very good quality food and wine for less than 6 euros per person.

Shopping -
Most shops are closed on Sunday except Super La Nucia and large Carrefour at Cale Finestrat which is open limited hours, 10am until 4pm. Also on a sunday try the Repsol petrol station near Lidl.

Please use the vans that arrive in the village as much as possible, they supply great vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. There is a chart on each notice board with approximate times. Mercadona sell quite a few food items at a reasonable price. We find that the new Mercadonna supermarket on the road between La Nucia and Benidorm is very good and cheaper than Carrefour in Cala Finestrat. There is also a Lidl store which is great for basics at a good price.

Locally there is a small shop in Confrides that sells a few basics and a small general store called Coarval in Benimantel (village next to Guadalest, down and on the right from the roundabout on the East side of Benimantell).  If you want to buy souvenirs, the shops in Guadalest are geared up for tourists and you can even get a bargain there, and you can buy some foodstuffs, bread and pizza, etc most days.

This will also save you from having to venture into Benidorm. Markets in the local villages are good entertainment. Market times are pinned on the notice boards.

Keys - Please make sure you replace keys in the key safes.

Emergencies - There are emergency numbers pinned up on the notice boards. Also your contact for the week can also assist you. The nearest 24 hour public telephonme is a Confrides. The nearest hospital is at Villa Joyosa, on the main road just a few kms south of Benidorm heading towards Alicante. (VILLAJOYOSA , Pla d'Aljuv, Tel: 96 685 92 00 )

Red Cross Ambulances Emergencies
Alicante  96 296 58 76 Altea  96 545 25 36 Benidorm  96 578 13 58 Calpe  96 583 82 55 Denia  96 586 42 09 Elche  96 584 31 83 Gandia  96 525 41 41 Javea  96 525 25 25 Moraira  96 579 19 61 Teulada  96 574 09 50 Villajoyosa  96 574 09 50 96 589 14 00

Police - Fire - Ambulance. Telephone - just dial the number 112 * . They have multilingual operators available, just ask for the service you require and explain your problem.

Traffic Police Phone 963 695 899

Red Cross Ambulance Service. Available on 96 525 2525

Emergency Travel to Hospital - no ambulance available or contactable.
If for any reason you need to use your own vehicle to get to a hospital in an emergency, hang a WHITE towel, shirt or other article out of the window of your vehicle. Switch on your head lights, flashing lights. The police recognise the white item as an emergency situation and will give you assistance.

Driving, theft - there have been a few instances of people being stopped when driving from the airport. ie another driver implying you have a puncture or even driving into you. With the aim of stealing all your luggage of course. Also be careful around the large supermarkets and shopping centres as this seems to be a popular place for thieves.

Internet - there is free internet access and wifi in the houses, wifi password is abdetcom. Number 21 has a computer to use, please log on as abdet or guest, password is abdet. Please email during the week if you have any general questions.