Mountain Biking Routes Spain - The Costa Blanca

Aitana Summit Adventure

Mountain Biking Routes Spain - The Costa Blanca

A challenging ascent followed by a superb varied descent on tracks and paths all the way from the highest tracks in the Aitana Mountains to Abdet.

Distance: 25kms on forest tracks, roads, with an entertaining section of footpath through a boulderfield.

Height Gain: 850 Metres.

Leave Abdet and take the track on the right just a short way before the bridge and head up the right junction past El Flare crags. Ignore the hairpin turn carrying straight ahead just after the crags, and then the track narrows and becomes a bit vague, but carry straight on and past a bamboo plant it widens again and joins a concrete section (turn right) and then a minor road (turn left). This brings you out beneath the impressive rock pinnacle at Confrides. Turn right and follow the main road a short distance before taking the minor road on the left that climbs steeply to an altitude of 1050 metres. A few metres past the ruin at the top of the pass take the track on the left.

This rough track will take you to the Casas Aitanas, on the way you will pass some impressive apple and cherry plantations. Ignore the first junction on the right, this is a dead end. At the next junction turn right, and head along a more level section before a sweeping bend brings this remote settlement into view. At one time there must have been much more activity in this area, now many of the terraces are deserted. There is a good resting point amongst the trees. Although you have climbed over 500 metres so far you have still more climbing to go! Take the track signposted Benifato (with occaisional yellow and white stripes). This heads into the wooded slopes beneath the Aitana summits. Only now is it possible to see how big the summit transmitters and masts actually are. Beneath them are some remarkable smooth cliffs, they almost look glaciated.

Look out for the snow holes on the left, there are several in this aea, although they are all quite small. Before the advent of modern refigeration these were used to store ice (made by packing in snow during the winter months) down to the villages in the valleys and towards the coast. The high point of the ride is reached at another snow hole and the Fuente Forata, a spring with a series of drinking troughs for horses and mules. The next section is part of the Aitana Summit walk. Continue to follow the track, ignoring a couple of side tracks (one that heads up to the right and one that heads left back down towards the Casas Aitanas).

Our track drops quite steeply in places and all of a sudden starts to fade out. You come to a small cairn and an obvious footpath to the left. Take this path (please give any walkers priority!). The majority of the footpath section is rideable, but there are a few steeper rocky sections. Fairly soon you come to a good resting point (particularly in hot weather) at a large walnut tree and spring. The excellent singletrack continues down past an impressive prow of rock and onto the Partagas boulder field which has some great technical, but never desperate, sections to challenge you.

All good things come to an end and all to soon you arrive at a junction, either way will take you back to the Partagas Font and picnic area. However the decent continues, on tarmac now, past impressive cliffs. At the next junction turn left and follow the road to a junction, the left turn here takes you to Confrides Castle, where as the right junction continues traversing. You get great views of Guadalest on this section, but watch out for a sharp turn of the track a short way before it comes to an end at a large house. Follow down steeply, cutting back left through terraces until you suddenly arrive back on the CV70 a short way before the Abdet turn off. Your circuit is now nearly complete, just take the Abdet turning and glide back to your starting point.

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